Exemplifying contemporary minimalism, the Futagami Frame Bottle Opener embodies refined simplicity. Forged from brass, its polished surface gleams with sophistication, while the passage of time graces it with a luxurious patina. This bottle opener's distinctive geometric form adds an understated yet captivating touch to any home bar setup. The Futagami Frame Bottle Opener seamlessly merges aesthetics and functionality, creating an object that not only serves a purpose but elevates it to an artful experience. As the hue transforms over time, the opener becomes a canvas of evolving beauty, a testament to the brand's dedication to enduring craftsmanship. The Frame Bottle Opener stands as an eloquent reminder that even the simplest tools can be statements of elegance, enriching the tactile and visual essence of daily life. 

Dimensions: W 5.51” x D 0.95” x H 0.79”

Material: Brass

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