Functional and beautiful, the Emma Fire Tool Companion Set is the ultimate set of fire tools. ⁠Each tool has its own dimensions but is part of a coherent fire tool set that is a pleasure to use, will last for a long time and looks stunning next to any fireplace.⁠ Eldvarm’s companion set is the undoubtedly the best designed set of fire tools on the market. Normally a set has four equally long tools, where the poker⁠ is the perfect length, but the shovel is impossible to use because the handle is too long and the blade too small. ⁠Eldvarm took each tool, considered the job it had to do, and designed it accordingly. ⁠The result is the Emma Fire Tool Companion Set.

Blow poker: Can be used not only to poke and manage the fire, but also in place of a bellow. Simply blow into the brass mouthpiece at the end to get the fire going.
Brush: The special blend for the brush contains horse hair and Tampico (the root of the agave cactus), a durable blend to clean your fireplace.
Shovel: Blade is deep enough to easily empty ashes without spilling on the floor.
Tongs: Easy to use with only one hand so that you can hold the screen with the other

DIMENSIONS: H28⅜” x W 9½” x D 7½”

DESIGNER: Emma Olbers

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