Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the idea for Humdakin came from the days of founder, Camilla Schram’s cleaning company, when she cleaned the homes of families with children, bon vivants, and the elderly. But what really made the difference was, and still is, is that she created an experience around cleaning. It had to be a done nicely, because cleaning is much more than a necessity and a chore. She cleaned well and thoroughly, made sure the bed was made, straightened the cushions, put a nice and fragrant guest soap in the bathroom, even folded the toilet paper and put a sticker on it, just like you experience when you are in a hotel. If there was a bath, she’d add a beautiful jar of bath salts and made sure that the floor was always washed in floral scented detergent, so it was obvious that it had been cleaned. All these actions created an experience around cleaning, and customers felt that it was both clean, tidy, styled, and there were small experiences in the form of soap gifts and not least, it smelled nice clean. Camilla was convinced that everyone wants their home to be a place to recharge, a place to restore energy. It should be a bit nice to come home.

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