A symphony of intention, the Cooee Design X Kristiina collection harmonizes the raw beauty of rough sculptures with Cooee's iconic minimalism. Within this interplay stands the Cooee Design Dreamer Sculpture, a manifestation of its designer's perspective: "To be a dreamer is a good thing since one cannot become a doer if they are not first a dreamer." Kristiina Engelin's insight infuses the sculpture with deeper resonance, illuminating its form with meaning. This collaboration transforms mere objects into vessels of inspiration, merging aesthetics with philosophy. The collection encapsulates the essence of dreams and action, a testimony to the human journey from imagination to realization. The Cooee Design Dreamer Sculpture serves not only as a visual delight but also as a reminder of the power of aspirations in shaping destinies. 

Material: Concrete
Measurements: W:6.3" x H:8.7"
Design: Kristiina Engelin

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