The Futagami Ihada Tape Dispenser embodies both beauty and functionality in one seamless design. Featuring the distinctive Ihada finish, a rustic casting surface of solid brass, it exudes an aesthetic that is both tactile and captivating. Its substantial weight ensures stability, enabling effortless one-handed tape cutting. The thoughtful design of the Futagami Ihada Tape Dispenser includes a convenient hand-insert space under the bar bridging the pillars, allowing easy portability. Even the cutting blade and rotor are meticulously polished from solid brass, underscoring the brand's commitment to quality and detail. Futagami's creation transcends a basic office tool, transforming it into an objet d'art that enhances both utility and ambiance, leaving a lasting impression of elegance and purpose.

LARGE: W 6.14" × D 1.77" × H 4.72"

SMALL: W 4.13" x D 1.77" x H 3.11"

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