The Coliseu Pedestals from Origin Made, designed by Gabriel Tan, feature a roman travertine tray crafted by Ricardo Eira and a smoked ash base by Carlos Barbosa, and draw inspiration from the grandeur of ancient Roman amphitheaters. The wooden base's subtle concavity harmoniously aligns with the travertine tray's slope, creating a seamless fusion of form and material. This amalgamation of noble elements transforms the pedestals into functional sculptures that pay homage to historical architectural marvels. Each component contributes to the overall composition, embodying a synthesis of craftsmanship and design. The Coliseu Pedestals from Origin Made encapsulate a sense of reverence for ancient architectural heritage while infusing contemporary aesthetics, epitomizing the essence of Origin Made's philosophy. These pedestals invite contemplation and admiration, presenting a captivating interplay between travertine and ash that resonates with artistry and ingenuity.

Low: 63 L x 63 W x 53.2 H in
Medium: 82.7 L x 82.7 W x 39.4 H in
Tall: 102.4 L x 102.4 W x 25.6 H in

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