Henry Wilson is an Australian designer, found Studio Henry Wilson to create furniture, lighting, accessories and components in metal, stone, and glass; he has also designed interiors for Aesop stores in Sydney. He has lived and worked in Sydney for more than 30 years; it is the place to which he habitually retreats, and where he feels most unfettered creatively. Henry’s work is characterized in part by utilitarianism, with a clear form and function. But it is also important to him that it embodies feeling – he is interested in the imperfect beauty that comes from objects made by hand, and in the creation of pieces that retain a sense of individual charm while not compromising the robust framework required for manufacture. This has led him to foster long-term collaborations with select suppliers and manufacturers who share his approach, including a local foundry which manufactures elements cast in bronze and aluminum as well as artisanal European stone workers.

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