The SOH Melbourne Fig Tree Room Spray offers an unparalleled olfactory experience that can transform your entire living space into a botanical haven. This exquisite fragrance, often regarded as the ultimate floral scent, boasts an intricate blend of Spicy Rose, Jasmine, Berries, Pine, and Guaiac Wood.

Upon each spritz, the room is filled with the opulent aroma of Spicy Rose and the alluring sweetness of Jasmine, creating an intoxicating floral bouquet. The addition of Berries imparts a fruity vibrancy, while Pine adds a touch of fresh greenery. The base note of Guaiac Wood lends an earthy depth to the overall composition.

With the SOH Melbourne Fig Tree Room Spray, you can envelop your surroundings in the luxurious embrace of this remarkable fragrance, ensuring that every nook and cranny of your space is infused with the captivating essence of nature's finest blooms. Enjoy the ultimate floral experience throughout your home with this exceptional room spray.

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