Introducing the Nest Cork Paper Bin by Form & Refine, originally crafted for the Furnishing Utopia: Hands to Work project, an exploration into the design legacy of the Shakers. This exhibition delved into the theme of chores and their associated objects. The cork paper bin reimagined the traditional design, serving not just as a paper bin but also as a magazine holder or adaptable storage for everyday items. The bin's distinctive crumpled appearance emerged from its flat-pack design, ensuring convenient shipping, and becoming a standout feature. The top and bottom feature splines for precise shape control, resulting in a perfectly round footprint. When observed from the side, the bin emanates a softer, textile-like character. Remarkable aspects include the dual layer of ultra-fine cork fabric, expertly hand-sewn, and the steam-bent wood handles, emphasizing its quality and dual-purpose nature – for carrying and folding. Experience the Nest Cork Paper Bin, a blend of utility and craftsmanship.

Series: Form & Refine Nest
Designer: Hallgeir Holmsved
Material: Fine Portuguese Cork Veneer, Oak Veneer and Brass Detail
Dimensions: D: 10" x H: 12.5"

Place of Origin: Made in Portugal

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