Presenting the Rim Wall Mirror from Form & Refine, a seamless blend of functionality and elegance. Featuring an infinity glass finish and a convenient shelf, this mirror stands as a testament to both practicality and refinement. Ideal for modern living spaces, bathrooms, hallways, or bedrooms, it effortlessly complements various interiors. The shelf not only adds utility but also incorporates a small groove for storing objects, showcasing thoughtful design in every detail. Rim Wall Mirror from Form & Refine is a versatile piece that combines functionality and aesthetics in perfect harmony.

"We wanted to make a classic slim mirror with visible soft wooden details that lift it from the wall. The flat panels at the top and bottom give the mirror a warm expression as the wood grain becomes visible. The wooden strips that surround the back of the mirror all have a large radius which creates a soft shadow on the wall." Herman Studio

Designer: Herman Studio
Material: Solid European Oak. Glass Mirror 
Dimensions: W: 15.7" x H: 26.5" x D: 4"
Place of Origin: Made in Europe

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