The Futagami Ihada Kitchen Paper Towel Holder, often underestimated but crucial, enriches any kitchen. This indispensable addition effortlessly marries form and function. With a sturdy brass base, stability is ensured, while the brass and wood top delivers optimal pressure for one-handed sheet tearing. A synergy of designer Masanori Oji and Japan's esteemed Futagami foundry, this collaboration exudes timeless craftsmanship. The brass's transformation over time adds depth to its allure, evolving into an elegant patina. The Futagami's Ihada Kitchen Paper Towel Holder transcends its utility, becoming an emblem of thoughtful design and enduring utility. It's a testament to the brand's commitment to elevating everyday objects into pieces of art that enrich the practical and aesthetic facets of life.

Dimensions: Ø 7” x H 15.28”

Material: Brass and wood

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