The SOH Melbourne Plume Candle emerges as an undeniable gem within the brand's offerings, captivating hearts as one of its most sought-after creations. This scintillating masterpiece boasts a harmonious symphony of fragrances that transport the senses to a realm of sheer indulgence.

At the top, Sandalwood forms the entrancing overture, setting the stage for an olfactory journey. The heart reveals an intricate blend of fruity notes, gracefully entwined with the allure of incense and the tantalizing essence of Red Berries. As the aroma unfolds, the base notes weave an enchanting tapestry, characterized by the interplay of Smokey and Woody elements, crowned by the exquisite touch of Cardamom.

A Perfumer's Note encapsulates the essence: a fusion of Warm Wood, Incense, and Spicy Berries. The SOH Melbourne Plume Candle elevates ambiance to an art form, a testament to the brand's mastery in crafting fragrant marvels that kindle emotions and ignite enchantment.

Top: Sandalwood

Middle: Fruity, Incense, Red Berries                                                                            

Base: Smokey, Woody, Cardamom

Perfumer’s Note: Warm Wood, Incense, Spicy Berries

400gms – 80 hours + burn time

The best way to extinguish your SOH Melbourne Plume Candle to prevent black smoke and to give your candle the care it deserves is with our Gestalt Haus Wick Trimmer available for sale here.

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