The Humdakin 01 Chamomile and Sea Buckthorn Body Wash exemplifies a perfect balance of efficacy and gentleness, making it an ideal choice for daily body cleansing rituals. This SLS-free formulation features the nurturing properties of chamomile and sea buckthorn extracts, along with macadamia oil, to not only cleanse the skin effectively but also provide a soothing and nourishing experience. Suitable for all skin types, this body wash epitomizes Humdakin's commitment to quality and care.

Moreover, Humdakin takes pride in its ethical stance, as the 01 Chamomile and Sea Buckthorn Body Wash is both vegan and cruelty-free, aligning with responsible consumer choices. Elevate your daily body care routine with this luxurious product, and for the ultimate experience, follow it up with the Humdakin Body Lotion to ensure your skin remains pampered and rejuvenated.

SIZE: 16.9 fl. oz | 500 ml

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