The Arch Bedspread by Kristina Dam Studio epitomizes their unwavering commitment to sculptural minimalism in interior design. This textile masterpiece features captivating, towering arches drenched in rich, saturated hues, seamlessly blending beloved and enduring design elements. Part of the Arch Series, it joins an ensemble of luxuriously soft warp and weft woven pillows, throws, and bedspreads. Meticulously crafted from heavyweight cotton, these pieces boast monochromatic palettes, enriched by decorative brushed fringes.

The Arch Bedspread by Kristina Dam Studio impeccably harmonizes aesthetics and comfort, providing a refined touch to interior spaces. This exceptional bedspread transforms your bedroom into an oasis of modern elegance, a testament to the studio's dedication to elevating home decor. Incorporating the Arch Bedspread into your living space ensures a seamless fusion of artistry and coziness, making it an indispensable element of your interior design repertoire.

Material: Cotton Off White/Beige
Dimensions: W: 94.4" x L: 102.3"

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