In their pursuit of conveying sculptural minimalism throughout every corner of the home, Kristina Dam Studio has crafted a range of delicate textiles that evoke tranquil and looming arches – cherished and timeless pieces in vibrant hues. The Arch series encompasses an exquisite and incredibly soft woven pillow, bedspread, and throw, all fashioned from heavy cotton in monochromatic shades adorned with decorative brushed fringes. The Arch Throw by Kristina Dam Studio stands as an emblem of the studio's dedication to infusing artistry into practical home elements. The interplay of geometric shapes and subdued colors transforms this throw into an alluring sculptural creation. With its meticulous craftsmanship and evocative design, the Arch Throw by Kristina Dam Studio captures the essence of the studio's aesthetic vision while enveloping any space in comfort and beauty.

Material: Off White/Beige Cotton
Dimensions: W: 51.1 x L: 70.8"

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