Elevate the art of cocktail presentation effortlessly with the timeless Arne Jacobsen Martini Mixer. This classic piece embodies elegance, enhancing the allure of your home-made cocktails. The AJ Martini Mixer not only exudes visual appeal but also boasts a cleverly integrated mixer spoon, simplifying the blending of cocktail ingredients to perfection.

Set against the backdrop of the matching Serving Tray, the Arne Jacobsen Martini Mixer becomes a centerpiece of refined aesthetics. The tray's sleek design complements the martini mixer's elegance, creating an ensemble that reflects the iconic Cylinda-line's unity of form.

Fashioned entirely from stainless steel, the complete Cylinda-line bar set exudes durability and sophistication. Its seamless combination of function and design transforms cocktail crafting into an art form, elevating your home bar experience to a new level of sophistication and mastery.

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