A tribute to functionality and aesthetics, the Arne Jacobsen Serving Tray stands as a hallmark in Stelton's iconic Cylinda-line series. Characterized by its cylindrical handles, this tray seamlessly marries form and purpose, making it a breeze to lift alongside barware from the renowned collection. Crafted from stainless steel, the serving tray embodies durability and timeless allure.

Jacobsen's design genius shines through as these cylindrical handles mirror the collection's aesthetic language, offering not only visual harmony but also practicality. Elevate your hosting endeavors with this sophisticated accessory, as it gracefully carries a legacy that extends beyond its sleek surface. Whether accompanying beverages from the iconic barware or being a standalone centerpiece, the Arne Jacobsen Serving Tray encapsulates the designer's vision, serving as both a functional tool and an artful statement in the heart of your gatherings.

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