Elevate your décor with the Balloon Vase 04 by Louise Roe, an extraordinary addition to the Balloon Vase series. Its exquisite black glass exterior, both lustrous and opaque, defines a unique and exclusive edition. Crafted by Louise Roe's expert artisans in Poland, these vases undergo a meticulous journey of creation. The collective touch of skilled hands imparts distinct weight, width, and color intensity to every piece, resulting in an unparalleled masterpiece. This Balloon Vase stands as an emblem of majestic authority, making a bold aesthetic statement. Whether adorned with a floral arrangement or showcased solo, the Balloon Vase 04 by Louise Roe embodies both functional elegance and standalone artistry.

Size: Ø 4.72 - 5.51" x H 12.6"

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