Carefully curated, the Cooee Design X Kristiina collection orchestrates a harmonious dialogue between rugged sculptures and the minimalist elegance emblematic of Cooee. The Cooee Design Bless Sculpture encapsulates this union, echoing its creator's sentiment, "Rejoice in all the goodness when you hold your hand out and receive the blessing of God, and wonderful things in life." Kristiina Engelin's words breathe life into the sculpture, infusing it with a profound meaning that transcends its form. This collaboration elegantly marries the raw beauty of sculpture with Cooee's understated design ethos, merging two worlds in seamless fusion. The collection, and the Cooee Design Bless Sculpture, not only adorns spaces but also resonates with stories, inviting viewers to cherish life's blessings in their many forms.

Material: Concrete

Measurements: W: 4.7” X L 8” X H 2.4”

Design: Kristiina Engelin

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