What makes by Benson Secateurs so sought after? Defining the qualities of an exceptional secateur is paramount. A superior pair of secateurs should prioritize user comfort, harmonizing with your hands and enhancing your natural strength. Equally critical is the precision of the cut, which must be clean to mitigate the risk of injury and disease when tending to shrubs, trees, and flowers. In this context, the by Benson secateurs stand as an exemplar of excellence.

By incorporating side blades, these secateurs facilitate a cutting action reminiscent of scissors, ensuring a precise, clean cut while minimizing the strain on your hand and wrist. Meticulously tailored to your ergonomic needs, by Benson secateurs are as gentle on your hands as they are on your garden. Crafted from hard-pressed aluminum and strategically enveloped in plastic, they achieve a remarkable balance of strength and weight, complemented by built-in shock absorption. These secateurs epitomize not only style but also unparalleled functionality, affirming their status as a premium choice for discerning gardeners.

LENGTH: 8.3"

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