With intention woven into each choice, the Cooee Design X Kristiina collection masterfully unites the rugged allure of rough sculptures with the timeless minimalism of Cooee. The heart of the collection is embodied in the Cooee Design Leah Sculpture, its creator's words encapsulating its soul: "Leah is one of the precious mothers of the world. She represents women in grief, who in the end bring gladness and love to us all." Kristiina Engelin's profound insight breathes life into the sculpture, infusing it with emotion and depth. The collection, a meeting point of materials and meaning, mirrors the complexities of human experience. Through the Cooee Design Leah Sculpture, it celebrates resilience, transformation, and the power of women to metamorphose grief into joy and love. 

Material: Concrete
Measurements: 4.53 × 2.76 × 7.09 in
Design: Kristiina Engelin

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