A meticulous curation, the Cooee Design X Kristiina collection artfully unites the rugged allure of sculptures with Cooee's hallmark minimalism. Within this assemblage stands the Cooee Design Ollie Head, named in tribute to the enduring olive trees. Much like the olive's resilience, the sculpture embodies strength and grace, capable of thriving even through arid seasons. This sculpture becomes a metaphor for tenacity, as it unites the organic world with minimalist aesthetics. Just as olive trees persist through adversity, the Cooee Design Ollie Head stands as a symbol of enduring beauty amid challenges. It encapsulates the essence of nature's vitality and art's transcendence, bridging elements of life and design within a single elegant creation. 

Material: Concrete
Measurements: W: 5.51 L: 5.51  H: 8.86 in
Design: Kristiina Engelin

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