A fusion of intent and artistry, the Cooee Design X Kristiina collection harmoniously marries the allure of rough sculptures with Cooee's distinctive minimalism. Among these creations, the Cooee Design Olufemi Head carries a profound moniker, derived from the Yoruba language, signifying "God loves me." This sculpture becomes an embodiment of self-affirmation, a testament to divine affection. The collection elevates the sculptural medium into a realm of meaningful representation, connecting the tactile with the spiritual. As Olufemi stands tall, it becomes not just a visual statement, but an invocation of self-worth and belonging. This collection celebrates the synergy between the tactile and the intangible, bridging worlds with art as the conduit. Through the Cooee Design Olufemi Head, the collection beckons viewers to find solace in their essence and resonate with the powerful declaration it embodies.

Material: Concrete
Measurements: W : 4.5 x L: 4.5  x H: 6.3 in
Design: Kristiina Engelin

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