Elegance finds its embodiment in the Cova Bowl by Brandt Collective, crafted in satin brass. Akin to a living artwork, this exquisite piece evolves gracefully, developing a unique patina as it oxidizes over time. Beginning its journey with a luminous sheen, the satin brass exudes an initial brilliance, awaiting the gradual transformation that the passage of time brings. The Cova Bowl by Brandt Collective embraces the natural process of aging, inviting you to revel in its evolving beauty. As it matures, the bowl's surface will tell its own story through the rich and organic patina that emerges, a testament to its journey and the moments it holds. A celebration of authenticity and the allure of imperfection, the Cova Bowl invites you to partake in its evolving narrative, cherishing the artistry of time.

DIMENSIONS: Ø 7.87" X H 1.57"

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