Crafted by the visionary architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, the Firedog Fire Irons exemplify the seamless fusion of artistry and functionality. Fashioned from robust solid cast, laser-cut steel, these andirons boast an impressive length of just under 16 inches, presenting a powerful visual statement while ensuring practicality in use. The unique sawtooth design, a testament to Wilmotte's creative prowess, infuses the Firedogs with unparalleled effectiveness.

Jean-Michel Wilmotte's architectural ingenuity extends beyond the realm of Firedog Fire Irons, encompassing a diverse portfolio that includes museum buildings, art studios, and contemporary art galleries in Korea. Furthermore, his influence is evident in the construction of office buildings in Paris, the design of the Nord-pas-de-Calais local government building in Lille, and the creation of a university campus in the south of France. With the Firedog Fire Irons by Jean Michel Wilmotte, one not only acquires exceptional andirons but also a piece of architectural brilliance that reflects the masterful touch of a globally acclaimed designer.  

  • Set of two fire andirons in laser cut steel.
  • 15.7"w 2.0"d 5.9"h
  • Each Firedog is made to order with an extended lead time.
  • Due to the size and weight of Firedogs, they ship in a specially designed crate directly from Belgium. Shipping is a flat fee of $800.
  • Made in Belgium by When Objects Work.
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