The Floris Wall Mirror by Atbo, a revival of Dutch designer Floris H. Fiedeljij's iconic creation, originally crafted under the esteemed Artimeta brand in 1950, resonates with historical significance. During that era, Artimeta stood as a pioneer in design, lighting, and furniture, boasting collaborations with renowned talents like French designer Mathieu Mategot. Today, Atbo embraces the privilege of reintroducing this exquisite and unparalleled design to a global audience. The Floris Wall Mirror by Atbo carries the timeless allure of Fiedeljij's vision, blending mid-century elegance with contemporary aesthetics. This mirror transcends mere reflection, offering a glimpse into the rich heritage of design craftsmanship. As a tribute to its historical lineage, the Floris Mirror seamlessly marries form and function, rekindling the spirit of an ageless masterpiece.


SIZE: Ø 31.5” X D 2.8”

DELIVERY: 6 - 8 weeks

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