In the realm of interior design, where the fusion of artistry and functionality reigns supreme, one name stands out – Helena Karihtala. Renowned for her impeccable sense of style and a discerning eye for timeless aesthetics, Karihtala imparts her wisdom in the pages of Funktio from Cozy Publishing.

Within Funktio's pages, Karihtala delves into the essence of creating homes that exude visual harmony and evoke a profound sense of wellbeing. This masterful work unveils the secrets behind color and lighting design, the art of selecting the perfect finishes and furniture, all while emphasizing the paramount importance of pausing to consider the true function of each living space.

Ten distinctive Finnish homes are showcased, each a testament to Karihtala's expertise. Funktio from Cozy Publishing is your key to unlocking the transformative power of interior design, as envisioned by the illustrious Helena Karihtala.

Text: Helena Karihtala
Photography: Martti Järvi
Design: Päivi Häikiö

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