Within the pages of Happy Homes Summer Houses from Cozy Publishing, a captivating world of idyllic summer retreats unfolds. This anthology offers a tantalizing glimpse into leisurely days spent amidst breathtaking natural landscapes, encapsulating a wealth of inspiration within its chic presentation. As the sixth installment in the esteemed Happy Homes series by the accomplished duo of Kivilahti and Keltanen, it assembles an enticing collection of Finnish summer residences.

Jonna Kivilahti, an esteemed interior journalist, designer, and stylist, boasts a remarkable career of over 25 years, with a legacy of contributions to Finnish magazines. Complementing her expertise is Krista Keltanen, a celebrated photographer with a rich 15-year career spanning interior, portrait, and advertising photography. Together, as a dynamic team, Kivilahti and Keltanen share their profound knowledge of composition, styling, and photography, adding depth and insight to the rich tapestry of Happy Homes Summer Houses from Cozy Publishing.

Text: Jonna Kivilahti
Photography: Krista Keltanen
Design: Päivi Häikiö

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