Happy Homes White Walls from Cozy Publishing serves as a captivating chronicle of Finnish homes united by a common canvas – pristine white walls. Despite this shared backdrop, each residence boasts its own unique style and ambiance, offering a diverse range of design inspirations. This book invites readers into a world where architectural minimalism coexists with vibrant boho aesthetics and everything in between.

Jonna Kivilahti, a distinguished interior journalist, designer, and stylist with a quarter-century of experience in Finnish magazine writing, combines her talents with the renowned photographer Krista Keltanen, who boasts a prolific 15-year career specializing in interior, portrait, and advertising photography. As a formidable team, Kivilahti and Keltanen bring their expertise to life in Happy Homes White Walls from Cozy Publishing, their fifth collaborative interior book, sharing a wealth of insights and ideas to inspire and transform your own living spaces.

Text: Jonna Kivilahti
Photography: Krista Keltanen
Design: Päivi Häikiö

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