The Futagami Ihada Muddler Spoon embodies an exquisite blend of weightlessness and harmony. Cast meticulously in Ihada crude brass and delicately polished to a silver sheen, it introduces a pristine, modern aesthetic to your bar ensemble. The play of contrasting hues adds elegance and depth to its design. The angular handle, uniquely tapered, elevate the user experience, enhancing comfort and grip. Futagami's creation is more than a mere utensil – it's a tactile expression of artistic finesse, a masterpiece that marries functionality with aesthetics. The Futagami Ihada Muddler Spoon not only serves its purpose but becomes a testament to the brand's dedication to curating moments of elevated living and redefining the ordinary with extraordinary design.

Dimensions: L 8" x Ø 0.5"

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