Delving into the interplay of light and shadow, the Atelier Plateau wall sculpture invites observers to immerse themselves in the evolving visual narrative it unfolds within a space. This captivating artwork beckons individuals to invest time in its presence, allowing them to witness the dynamic transformation it undergoes as time elapses and environmental conditions shift.

The Atelier Plateau wall sculpture, a masterful creation, orchestrates a captivating dance between illumination and obscurity, an artistic dialogue with the surrounding space. Its ability to adapt and evolve serves as a testament to its inherent versatility, making it a dynamic focal point in any room. The Atelier Plateau wall sculpture not only captivates with its aesthetic prowess but also serves as a thought-provoking testament to the ever-changing nature of art and the spaces it inhabits.

SIZE: 22.83" x 19.68" x 1.8"

MATERIAL: Constructed from a series of hand-brushed stainless-steel elements. Each wall sculpture is unique, and the texture will therefore vary.

EDITION: This wall sculpture is in a limited edition of 100. When the limited-edition works are sold out, they will not be made in new editions.

Delivery time is approximately 8 weeks.

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