Crafted from beige powder-coated steel and mirror, the Mirror Sculpture by Kristina Dam Studio presents itself as a captivating addition to your living space. Whether utilized as a functional make-up mirror or displayed purely for its artistic allure, this mirror sculpture offers a dynamic interplay between form and reflection. Its unique design and combination of materials make it an eye-catching accent, capable of enhancing both your bathroom and living room. With the ability to reflect the surrounding environment and play with light, the Mirror Sculpture becomes more than just a utilitarian item; it becomes a statement piece that engages and delights the senses. Its dual nature as both a mirror and a decorative object makes it a versatile addition to any interior, exuding contemporary elegance and visual interest.

Material: Beige powder-coated steel & mirror
Dimensions: L: 10" x W: 7" x H: 8"

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