Fine stoneware meets the essence of traditional Japanese pottery in the Setomono range. Crafted with precision, the Setomono Bowl Set by Kristina Dam Studio exemplifies this fusion in design. Comprising three distinct pieces, the set can be transformed into a striking sculpture or a functional centerpiece. The smaller version of the Setomono Bowl Set features a bowl, a container/pot, and a side plate. These elements harmonize in both form and function, creating a versatile ensemble for your table. The stackable nature of the pieces and the convertible lid highlight the studio's commitment to practical elegance. With a nod to the beauty of Japanese artistry and a touch of contemporary innovation, the Setomono Bowl Set by Kristina Dam Studio captures the essence of cultural appreciation in modern design.

Material: Fine stoneware


Bowl: 13.5 Fl oz - D 5" x H 3.5"

Container: 13 Fl oz - D 5" x H 3"

Side plate: D 5" x H 1"