Crafted from smooth sandstone, the Lacuna Shape by Kristina Dam Studio is a stunning and sculptural desk piece. The light grey hue of the sandstone exudes elegance, and the bowl's sleek finish imparts a luxurious touch to the Lacuna Shape. The square-formed base of the Lacuna Shape by Kristina Dam Studio features roughly cut sides, leaving chip marks around the edges. This intentional contrast between the meticulously crafted sandstone bowl and the fragmented base is a defining element of the Lacuna Shape's aesthetic. While the sandstone may not be food safe, the vessel provides an ideal space to store keys, pencils, or smaller design objects, offering a stylish and organized display. The term "Lacuna," translated as "the unfilled space," encapsulates the essence of this exquisite piece, underscoring the harmonious interplay between its components.

Material: Sandstone
Dimensions: L: 9.8" x W: 9.8" x H: 3.5"

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