The Magnolia Vase by Naja Utzon Popov, a celebrated ceramist and sculptor, reflects a genuine connection to nature and a yearning for simplicity. This organically shaped vase draws inspiration from the magnolia tree's exquisite flowers, embodying a profound sense of authenticity. Naja Utzon Popov's creative lineage traces back to her grandfather, the visionary Danish architect Jørn Utzon, renowned for the Sydney Opera House's iconic design. Her mother, the prominent Danish artist Lin Utzon, and her father, acclaimed Australian architect Alex Popov, further enrich her artistic heritage. Through the Magnolia Vase, Naja Utzon Popov harmonizes her innate creativity with a deep appreciation for the natural world, offering a testament to her family's creative legacy and her own artistic journey.

Dimensions: Height 12.6”

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