The distinctive Futagami Moon Trivet takes the shape of a moon, ensuring tables are shielded from hot pots and kettles. Crafted from solid brass with an antique textured finish, it promises not only functionality but also an evolving aesthetic journey. With time and use, this trivet's color transformation unfolds, maturing into a luxurious patina. Clear rubber feet discreetly positioned on its base protect surfaces from unsightly scratches. The Futagami Moon Trivet is a versatile piece that transcends its utilitarian purpose, emerging as an everyday kitchen companion or a decorative stage for plants and flowerpots. Futagami's innovation lies in crafting objects that go beyond their intended use, enriching daily rituals with an essence of beauty and thoughtful design.

Dimensions: Ø 5 ¾” x H ¼”

Material: Brass and silicone

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