Nordic Interior Book from Cozy Publishing is a rich visual and inspiring viewing experience for those interested in living, interior design and aesthetics. It is also an attractive glimpse into the beauty of Finland’s homes. Finns love light-colored homes. White surfaces bring light and a sense of spaciousness. It is familiar and safe for Finns to use wooden surfaces in interior decoration, stemming from an age-old longing for nature and the forest.

The Nordic Interior Book from Cozy Publishing is the authors' second joint interior design book. The most beautiful, rich, interesting, and daring homes that long-time working couple, interior journalist Piia Kalliomäki and photographer Pauliina Salonen have encountered in recent years, were selected for this beautiful book. All the homes look like their occupants, personal, atmospheric entities that have many stories to tell. The beautiful northern light glows in the objects, and Salonen's way of shooting in natural light brings a genuine and homely atmosphere to the book. Home is never finished, nor is life. Home is an important place for everyone.

Text: Piia Kalliomäki
Photography: Pauliina Salonen
Layout design: Päivi Häikiö

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