The Offset Candleholder Vol. 1 by Kristina Dam Studio showcases a captivating blend of two exquisite materials intentionally positioned in an offset alignment. This distinctive design forms a base that exudes sculptural elegance. The interplay between the sleek grey sandstone and the textured travertine creates a visually striking and uncommon contrast. The offset arrangement enhances the candleholder's aesthetic appeal, resulting in a truly exceptional piece. Its harmonious blend of materials and contrasting textures adds a touch of sophistication to any setting. The meticulous attention to detail and the deliberate offset positioning highlight the Studio's commitment to innovative and thoughtful design. With its exceptional visual impact and artistic composition, the Offset Candleholder Vol. 1 becomes a standout decor element that draws attention and admiration.

Material: Sandstone and Travertine
Dimensions: L 4.7" x W 2.7" x H 4.7"

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