Embodying the timeless design language of Stelton, the Stelton Original Bottle Opener features the signature cylindrical form that defines many of the brand's iconic products. Crafted by Peter Holmblad, this bottle opener stands as a fusion of functionality and aesthetics. With its enduring stainless-steel construction, it becomes not just a tool, but an elegant adornment for any table, bar trolley, or home bar.

The familiar cylindrical silhouette creates a sense of continuity throughout Stelton's offerings, while the well-loved Stelton Original Bottle Opener takes on a dual role as both a practical accessory and a tasteful decor element. It stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to blending form and purpose seamlessly. Elevate your beverage service with a touch of Stelton's design legacy, where each pop of a bottle cap becomes an act of style and sophistication.

Dimensions: Ø 0.59” x L 4.72”

Designer: Peter Holmblad

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