The Sabi Bowl by Brandt Collective, crafted from Silver Sand marble, encapsulates serene beauty in its simple, rounded form. Emblematic of Brandt's aesthetic, the natural marble brings a touch of the Earth's artistry, ensuring no two bowls are alike, each a testament to the individuality of the stone. The color palette and veining embrace diversity with every iteration, embracing the unpredictability of nature's canvas. As a result, each Sabi Bowl is a unique piece, echoing the concept of organic individuality. This exquisite variation, like an artist's stroke on each creation, echoes the magnificence of imperfection, elevating the bowl to both functional utensil and exquisite artwork. The Sabi Bowl by Brandt Collective tells a tale of nature's intricate palette, merging with human craftsmanship to fashion an enduring expression of artistry.

DIMENSIONS: Ø 11.81" X H 1.57" 

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