Ladies & Gentlemen Studio's Jean and Dylan found inspiration at João Lourenço's ceramic workshop, where they discovered an array of captivating textures and colors. This encounter led them to explore innovative ways to showcase João's craftsmanship, particularly the captivating effect of metallic salts on clay firing. They inquired whether this effect could be applied to Pasta Grés Chamotada, a textured clay body, resulting in the exquisite Salt Vase from Origin Made. This vase stands as a testament to the marriage of material and process, drawing on the ancient art of ceramics while embodying the unique character that defines Lourenço's work. The Salt Vase from Origin Made captures the alluring gradient of colors achieved through metallic salts, offering a striking visual experience that pays homage to traditional craft in a contemporary and artful manner.

Production: Portugal

Designed by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio 

Handcrafted by João Lourenço

Material: Pasta Grés Chamotada

Dimensions: 10.63 Ø x 2.56 H IN

Care Instructions: Use a dry soft cloth
Do not use household cleaners.

Not waterproof.

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