The Serif Sculpture by Kristina Dam Studio encapsulates the essence of history and tradition through its unique design. Drawing inspiration from the tiny strokes found at the end of letterforms, the sculpture pays homage to the strength of these small yet significant characters. Crafted from stoneware, the sculpture engages in an interplay of texture, capturing light and shadow. This juxtaposition between the material's solid nature and the delicately carved strokes creates a captivating visual experience. Kristina Dam's passion for lettering is evident in every curve and contour of the Serif Sculpture, making it a symbolic representation of honesty and integrity. As a tribute to both the past and the power of design, this sculpture invites observers to engage in a meaningful interaction with the object, reflecting the studio's commitment to evoking emotions through art.

Material: Earthenware with sand engobe
Dimensions: W: 5.9" x L: 9.4" x H: 22"

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