The SOH Melbourne Greenhouse Candle is a celebrated fragrance and a Green Fig heavy hitter. Filled with fresh and dark fig notes wrapped up in amber and luscious sandalwood. Formulated in Grasse, France, the history of its design is as deep as the fragrance. The notes of Greenhouse are redolent of old-world France but with a modern direction, a bridge to both worlds.

400 grams with 80+ hours burn time

Top: Fresh Fig, Green

Middle: Fig Pulp, Floral

Base: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Powdery & Amber 

Perfumers note: Woody, Fig

The best way to extinguish your SOH Melbourne Greenhouse Candle to prevent black smoke and to give your candle the care it deserves is with our Gestalt Haus Wick Trimmer available for sale here.

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