The Futagami Star Trivet stands as a distinctive protector of tables from hot pots and kettles. Crafted from solid brass and adorned with a textured antique finish, it offers both aesthetics and practicality. As time passes and usage accumulates, the Futagami Star Trivet's color evolves, transitioning into a luxurious patina that adds depth and character. Its base features three clear rubber feet, safeguarding surfaces from potential scratches. This versatile piece finds purpose in both everyday kitchen tasks and as a decorative platform for plants and flowerpots. Futagami's design ethos shines through, blending utility with visual charm, and transforming an ordinary object into a cherished element that elevates both form and function in your living spaces.

Material: Brass and silicone

Dimensions: Ø 6 ½” x H ¼" 

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