Rediscovered from the 1960s, the Stoff Nagel Stand unfolds as a testament to enduring design. Its versatility empowers individual expression—whether employed singularly or paired with an ensemble of candle holders and candles, the Stand emerges as a canvas for crafting your own opulent candelabra masterpiece.

Akin to an artist's palette, this stand empowers you to shape and define space through sculptural arrangements, transforming your surroundings into a personalized sanctuary of light and aesthetics. The Stand not only represents a revival but signifies an opportunity for contemporary narratives within an established lineage.

With each arrangement, the stand becomes a visual tale—a fusion of functionality and artistry. Rooted in its historical origins, the Stand transcends time, inviting your imagination to curate ornate and extravagant experiences that echo the legacy of the Stoff Nagel collection.

CANDLES: Stoff Nagel taper candles are available here.

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