Elegantly fashioned from solid brass, the Futagami Sun Trivet showcases exquisite craftsmanship in a captivating sun-shaped design. Beyond its visual allure, this trivet is a functional masterpiece, safeguarding your tabletop from the heat of dishes. As days turn into memories, the brass surface embarks on a transformative journey, gradually oxidizing through daily use. This metamorphosis imbues the Futagami Sun Trivet with an evolving character and timeless charm, capturing the essence of time itself. Futagami's creation transcends its purpose, becoming a conversation starter that resonates with both form and function. With every meal shared and each moment cherished, the Sun Trivet becomes a silent witness to life's experiences, etching its own story onto your living space.

Dimensions: Ø 5.75” x H 0.5”

Material: Brass and silicone

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