A masterpiece of artistry, the Valley Bowl from Brandt Collective emerges as a breathtaking sculptural marvel, cast in burnished brass. Akin to a living canvas, it embraces the passage of time, evolving gracefully to forge a distinctive and captivating patina. This transformation serves as an ongoing testament to the organic beauty of the brass medium. With each day, the Valley Bowl from Brandt Collective narrates a unique story, etching the chapters of its journey onto its surface. The allure of the patina lies in its capacity to infuse character and history into the bowl, making it not just an objet d’art but a testament to the symphony of nature and design. As it ages, the Valley Bowl becomes a living embodiment of time's gentle touch, a cherished adornment that mirrors the essence of life's evolving tapestry. 

DIMENSIONS: H 1.57" X W 11.81"

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