Klassik Studio's ceramic and porcelain collection is a testament to the marriage of organic and sculptural forms, enriched by contemporary, nature-inspired hues. Handcrafted and glazed individually, each item bears a distinct mark of artistry. The Wave Vase by Klassik Studio draws inspiration from the legacy of celebrated Danish studio ceramic artisans, a homage encapsulated in its design. The Wave Vase by Klassik Studio transcends functionality, standing as an art piece on its own or harmoniously complementing a few grand flowers or branches. The synergy of craftsmanship and design results in a collection that embraces nature's essence, offering not just utility but also visual delight. Klassik Studio's commitment to creating pieces that resonate with elegance and innovation finds its expression in this ceramic and porcelain collection.

Designer: Klassik Studio

Material: Porcelain

VASE: Ø: 11/8.7 H: 16.5 in

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